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Nancy Dickerson on the phone with President Johnson, February 1964. [listen 2:58]

Nancy Dickerson doing a radio spot from Europe in which she flirts with the man who would become my father, September 1961. [listen 4:10]

John Dickerson's appearance on National Public Radio’s “Day to Day,” October 19, 2006. [listen 7:02]

Nancy Dickerson when John F. Kennedy’s body arrived at Andrews Air Force Base, November 1963. [listen]

John Dickerson's appearance on National Public Radio’s “On The Media,” December 1, 2006. [listen 8:43]

John Dickerson on the "Writers Voice” radio program, February 9, 2007. [listen 57:35]

View John Dickerson's October 21 appearance on The Today Show. [view 5:03]

View John Dickerson's October 23 appearance on Hardball. [view 4:20]

View John Dickerson's October 24 appearance on Fox News Live. [view 2:55]

View John Dickerson's October 29 appearance on CNN's Reliable Sources. [view 6:09]

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